Crowder strives toward environmentally friendly and green construction and demolition goals to becoming an industry leader in environmentally friendly practices. When it comes to the contracting, excavating and land development business, it is a goal to  be “green”. By its very nature, our industry can be a little rough on the environment. However, that means we try harder to recycle wood, grind cement, screen and haul in an environmentally responsible manner.  Along with other responsible contractors around the country, we take extra steps everyday to minimize our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on Mother Earth. What we do today affects tomorrow.



On the Job Site Eco Friendly Practices:

  • Turning equipment off instead of idling, thus reducing emissions
  • Maintaining all equipment to manufacturer specifications to optimize performance
  • Using equipment properly sized for the specific job
  • Using lower emitting fuels and fuel additives to boost MPG
  • Utilizing local sources for building materials to cut shipping related negative impact on environment

In the Office and in our Shop we Think Recycle and Eco Friendly

  • Crowder built a closed loop system truck wash that recycles the water usage for our large fleet of trucks and equipment which eliminates the demand of potable water
  • We recycle our used oil and antifreeze from the shops
  • We contract with proper disposal facilities for hazardous waste items such as fluorescent bulbs, electronic waste, waste paint related material and waste aerosols
  • We shred and recycle paper and utilize electronic mail saving valuable natural resources
  • We recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans
  • We turn off lights, heat and air in rooms when not occupied
  • All computers are shut down at night to conserve power