recycleCrowder owns and operates two Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris Disposal and Recycling facilities – Aenon Church Road and Tram Road – which are located in Leon County, Florida. Our clients include general and subcontractors, local and state governments, and the general public.

The environment is currently a very hot topic, with growing pressures politically and socially to “Go Green” and be ecologically responsible. Crowder is proud of its recycling efforts and our role in preserving landfills and the environment. What we do today affects tomorrow.

Wood is a substantial renewable resource that can be used as a fuel to generate electric power, useful thermal output, and mulch for decorative use and erosion control. The wood resource is derived from land and lot clearing debris, waste wood from manufacturing, wood processing wastes as well as construction and demolition debris.

Our tub and horizontal grinders process the wood waste and transform it into useful and renewable products such as wood chips, mulch and erosion control materials.

Recycled concrete greatly saves energy compared to mining, processing and transporting new aggregates, not to mention saving valuable landfill space. Once processed by our Cedar Rapids crushing system, the waste concrete is transformed into much needed aggregates (#57 and #89 stone) and sub-base material. We commonly refer to this product as “C-Rock” and “C-Base”.

We gladly accept clean concrete at no charge to the customer at the Aenon Church Road facility for proper ecological disposal.

Scrap metal is a diverse recyclable commodity in high demand, both ferrous and non ferrous metal.

Scrap metal is collected from demolition, renovation projects, and from Crowder Rock Crushing activity (rebar).