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One of the best products we offer is our expertise – from selecting the right product for a project to weight estimates and price quotes. All the products listed can be delivered by our team of experienced drivers. If there is a specific product you need and don’t see it on out list, give us a call. We will locate and deliver it.

FOB customers – Many customers prefer to pick up their material instead of having it delivered, which is good for small loads as well as avoiding a delivery fee. With all of the heavy machinery and literally tons of material constantly in motion in our yards, we ask you to check in at the office first. Safety is always our primary goal.

Top SoilWe are a leading supplier of sand, soil and aggregates to contractors as well as the residential market. Our extensive product list includes:

Product List

  • Masonry Sand
  • C-33 Sand / Lawn Sand / Type V Sand
  • Sandy Clay
  • Fill Sand
  • Lime Rock Base
  • Non-DOT Rock #57
  • Lime Rock #5
  • Rip Rap
  • Mix Rock #4
  • Surge Rock
  • Natural Wood Mulch
  • Top Soil
  • Crowder Base


Masonry Sand

Fine aggregate meeting ASTM C 144 for masonry mortar.

Uses: Used for mortar mixes, golf courses, sand boxes for the kids, beach sand, sand volleyball courts, and as an underlayment for swimming pool liners to prevent punctures.


C-33 Sand / Lawn Sand / Type V Sand

Classified as a fine aggregate with the largest particle size less then 3/8″. Yellowish, beige in color, it is washed and screened.

Uses: Principally used in production of ready mixed concrete, dairy barn bedding, backfill, pipe bedding, septic mound systems or beach sand.


Sandy Clay

A mixture of sand & clay, approximately 3:1 ratio(3 parts sand to 1 part clay). This is a very stable clay that packs hard and is a great choice for most general purpose uses.

Uses: Foundations, trench lines, backfill, site filling and leveling, building pad stabilization, excellent finish grade material, commonly used by landscapers.


Fill Sand

General purpose sand that has been screened to remove large rocks. This sand is very hard when compacted and will easily pass a builders compaction test.

Uses: Foundations of cement slabs and other building work including paving.


Lime Rock Base

Crushed and screened limestone with a minimal amount of binder fines. It can be white, gray, yellow or have a reddish tint.

Uses: Sub-base support under roads, driveways, foundations or any area that requires stabilization, also used in erosion control for spillways.


Non-DOT Rock #57

Highly popular rock about 1″ in size widely used by the public, state, and commercial companies because of its relatively easy ability to locate and its affordable price.

Uses: Driveways, parking areas, walkways, or any other such use.


Lime Rock #5

Lime rock is about 1 to 2 inches in size generally used in areas where drainage is a problem.

Uses: Commonly used during the installation of septic tanks and is also used by the railroads.


Rip Rap

Rip rap is a permanent, erosion-resistant layer made of stones. It is intended to protect soil from erosion in areas of concentrated runoff.

Uses: Inlets and outlets for culverts, bridges, slope drains, grade stabilization structures, and storm drains.


Mix Rock #4

Classified as a coarse aggregate which is light in color, a blend of beige, tan, white, gray and small amounts of black and red stones.

Uses: Backfill along foundation walls, concrete sub grade (requires no compacting effort), pipe bedding, dog runs, underneath golf course greens and in ready mixed concrete for exposed aggregate concrete or thin coat overlays.


Surge Rock

This rock is about 3 inches to 8 inches in size. Limited availability throughout the year.

Uses: Stop soil erosion and mainly used around French drainage pipes and ditches.


Natural Wood Mulch

Our mulch is derived from 100% natural wood.

Uses: Control weeds, maintain soil moisture, help with erosion control and add beauty to the landscape.


Top Soil

Rich with nutrients, screened to reduce particle size and rocks making it easy to work with for final dressing of landscape areas that will be seeded or sodded.

Uses: Gardens, potting soil, fill in holes, or spread lightly over your yard for added nutrition.


Crowder Base

The by-product of Crowder Recycled Rock Operations, commonly referred to as “fines”. Derived from discarded concrete, cement, asphalt and brick. Crowder base is our most popular product for use on roads and driveways. Normally used on top of our Crowder Rock.

Uses: Great compaction capabilities, suitable for road base, stabilization, sub base for asphalt or graveled surface, road beds, driveways.